From a young age I’ve loved writing tracks which traverse multiple genres of music, so it was natural that I was drawn to the world of film music. After Graduating with an MA in Film Music Composition, a career as a media composer soon followed with clients including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and the Discovery Channel…..I’ve since written music for Bafta award-winning TV series and documentaries as well as arranged/produced songs for a number of classical crossover acts and Grammy award-winning recording artists.

Along with bespoke music for media projects, I’ve recently focused on writing and producing my own albums  (Discography) as well as curating a music catalog for licensing.

I’ve worn many hats in my career– composer, producer, arranger, songwriter, pianist…. As a result, I’ve developed an ability to manage all manner of multidisciplinary projects and navigate complex musical challenges. But actual experience confirmed what I already know: I love what I do! I also love hearing from those who enjoying listening to my music and never take your support for granted. Thank you!

Jason is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Sussex, England. He writes music traversing diverse genres from Epic Orchestral Electronica, Romantic Piano and Classical Pop, to Dance, Ambient and French Lounge… seamlessly melding these multiple styles to create unique, catchy songs that leap from the speakers and stick in your head.

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