Elysium: Jason Rowan. jason-rowan.com


Elysium is a collection of reflective pieces for ambient piano and strings. With soft, subtle melodies and delicate harmonies, the album is both evocative and cinematic in style.

The slow gentle playing traverses shifting moods of sadness and nostalgia allowing the listener to relax and slowly unwind in peaceful meditation and contemplation….

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1. Event Horizon (Modern Orchestral, Space, Ambient)7.31
2. Echoes (Modern Orchestral, Minimalism, Ambient)4.16
3. Misere (Piano, Orchestral, Minimalism, Ambient)6.37
4. New Dawn (Orchestral, Impressionist, Score)2.20
5. Adagio (New Age, Ambient, Orchestral)4.12
6. Transcendence (Classical, Meditation, New Age)6.48
7. Bliss (Ambient, New Age, Instrumental)5.27
8. Lost (Ambient,New Age, Minimalism)

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