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Bit of a sad and nostalgic feel to this piano instrumental I’ve called ALWAYS. Sometimes I’m just drawn to the simplicity of piano and strings. I love ‘The Grandeur’ from Native Instruments Komplete with it’s ‘intimate preset’. I’ve added some echo to high violins in the coda – it gives it a bit of an (unintentional) 70’s cinematic feel – but then I’m a big fan of John Barry,  Ennio Morricone, Francis Lai et al…

I’m currently uploading 3x per week to YouTube and aim to cover the following styles…

Wednesdays: Uplifting Acoustic Tracks & Classical Remixes.

Fridays: Upbeat Electronica & Pop/Soul

Sundays: Downtempo Ambient & Acoustic Instrumentals

I hope you enjoy the music on this blog and would love to hear your comments.  I’m also very active on my two other music channels: Mind Music and Epic World Videos

I hope you enjoy the videos and future blog posts.

Thank you very much for being here on my  New Blog!

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