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First Flight


I originally wrote this piece as a student so it was strange to revisit it recently, many years later, with a view to exploring Native Instruments’ Symphony Series sample library. I honestly don’t know how I feel about the piece itself – I know I probably had a habit of ‘overcooking’ certain compositions at the time but overall I hope that it conveys the general sense of a short musical rollercoaster I was aiming for! Anyway I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think! Oh and as good as orchestral sample libraries are and as much as I’m only scraping the surface of the potential of this particular one – Will they ever come close to replacing a real orchestra? I’m not so sure…

I’m currently uploading 3x per week to YouTube and aim to cover the following styles…

Wednesdays: Uplifting Acoustic Tracks & Classical Remixes.

Fridays: Upbeat Electronica & Pop/Soul

Sundays: Downtempo Ambient & Acoustic Instrumentals

I hope you enjoy the music on this blog and would love to hear your comments.  I’m also very active on my two other music channels: Mind Music and Epic World Videos

I hope you enjoy the videos and future blog posts.

Thank you very much for being here on my  New Blog!

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